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Meet Oren Domaczewski, SecBI’s Product Manager, after serving 4.5 years in the Israeli Army’s elite Computer and Cyber Defense Unit, Oren joined the SecBI team to bring full-scope cybersecurity incident detection to the forefront of cybersecurity.

When did you start at SecBI?

I began in 2017. I got hooked on the company’s goals and product during my first interview. And since, I really believe in the product as well as in the goal of making full scope detection a cornerstone in cybersecurity. Even though I had job offers from other cybersecurity companies, my passion for SecBI’s product and my admiration for the team convinced me to join. I can say that I am passionate about making a huge impact on the industry’s landscape and that SecBI’s solution is exactly the way to go about it. 

What made you become interested in working in cybersecurity?

My military service showed me how vital and fascinating cybersecurity is. One of the things I like best is how cybersecurity enables me to put my creativity and my love for problem-solving to good use. People don’t often realize how creative and innovative, you can be in cybersecurity.  Those are two key aspects needed to envision and create a new type of cyber defense. That’s what really attracts me to this line of work.

What did you do in the Israeli Defense Force?

I worked as a cybersecurity researcher. I was exposed to the complexity of the cybersecurity field at a young age and fell in love with it.  Before you get to work in the unit you go through an intense training process that really opens your eyes to the cybersecurity world. When I began applying what I learned, I was shocked by the sheer number of real threats out there. It is exciting to see new threats emerge daily which is definitely not boring and I love a good challenge. 

What do you think is the most valuable aspect of SecBI?

It’s really hard to say… If I had to pick it would be that SecBI brings cybersecurity transformation to SOCs and MSSPs. Our product mimics an expert analyst at machine speed which is huge considering the lack of resources most SOCs face. We use cluster analysis to present analysts with the full scope of every incident so they don’t need as many expert personnel to keep their enterprise safe. Hunting, investigation and prioritization processes are done for them so the analysts can keep up with threat’s sophistication. 

What are your goals for SecBI?

I’d like to continue to explore market gaps and add new features to SecBI’s product based on this need. I truly believe in full scope detection. My goal is to bring it to the forefront of the conversation since it’s so vital in finding unknown threats. Based on my army experience, every attack leaves fingerprints that need to be pieced together to be fully understood. It’s like a puzzle. If you don’t compose the full story from the fingerprints, then you don’t have a clear picture of what occurred, leaving the threat remains stealthy and undetected. Obviously, when can’t see the full story, you remain one step behind the attackers. It’s my goal to change that.

What has working in cybersecurity been like for you?

In the past, I worked mostly in incident response and malware research. When I first came across this field, I was amazed by all the threats and defenses that are constantly surfacing. It was interesting to see how quickly the defenses we use must evolve to keep up. I saw staying one step ahead of attackers as sort of a game. My unit in the IDF was responsible for taking the IDF into the future of cyber protection and executing classified operations to keep the army’s networks clean.

This is a field I am extremely passionate about and have loved working in. I think anyone who is excited by creative problem solving should seriously learn more about the field. 

What was your experience transitioning from the army into SecBI?

It went pretty smoothly. From what I see in the market currently, I feel like I’m getting to be a part of something really special. It feels great to contribute to the development of new technology and to explore the untapped potential of machine learning. SecBI also gives me the opportunity to travel internationally which has been amazing. I get to fly to SOCs worldwide and see the reality of the challenges SOCs face... Getting to see new countries is always fun too!

What do you do outside of work?

I love to practice yoga and in the summer I surf as often as I can. Of course, I also like to read, drama mostly, and visit the local art museum when I have the time. 

For more information about the Product that Oren works on click here:

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